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Where Cellular Networks Don’t Exist, People Are Building Their Own

Fairwaves received a mention in an article by Lizzie Wade for WIRED, that takes a look at how Rhizomatica are working with Mexican communities to build their own mobile networks.

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Lightweight “Snappy Ubuntu Core” OS targets IoT ran an article in which they noted Fairwaves participation in Ubuntu’s IoT programme and our plans to bring a mobile base station application to the Ubuntu Snappy App Store.

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Fairwaves set to make connections

“Boston-based Fairwaves is making cellphone antennas that are cheaper and smaller, and is working with mobile phone operators to expand coverage to small, rural villages cut off from the rest of the world.”

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BBC Radio 5: New Networking

“This week Jamillah discusses open source hardware and software for lowering the costs of mobile networks with guests in Oaxaca, Moscow and West Yorkshire.” (Tues 11 Feb 14)

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Russia Today (Spanish)

“Mucha imaginación y un poco de ayuda han servido para que la telefonía móvil llegue hasta Yaviche, una remota aldea de la sierra de Oaxaca, en México.”

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Mobile phones for remote Mexico village

“CNN’s Rafael Romo reports on how an isolated village in Mexico found an innovative way to get cell phone service.”

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