Albert Gardiner

Albert Gardiner, CEO

Formerly CFO of Africa Mobile Networks Ltd, his experience includes raising in excess of $50million to launch rural networks in West Africa with Tier- 1 Telecom operators. He also has seven Years investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs.


Alexander Chemeris, Founder and CTO

Alexander Chemeris is an open source practitioner with a background in VoIP networks. He was involved in multiple projects involving VoIP, video conferencing and wireless technologies. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science.

Sergey Kostanbaev

Sergey Kostanbaev, Founder and Head of Engineering

Sergey led the implementation of a failover system and a new trading core for the Moscow Exchange, one of the world’s top 20 exchanges. Developed automatic processing system improving safety of 3 nuclear power plants in Russia.


Andrey Bakhmat, Operations and Marketing

Andrey Bakhmat has in excess of 20 years telecoms experience. During the 1990s Andrey was building and selling X.25 and Frame Relay networks, and throughout the next decade he worked tirelessly to make Polycom and Tandberg the market leaders in Russia.


Andrey Sviyazov, Head of Hardware

Andrey Sviyazov heads up the development of Fairwaves hardware, all the way from concept, through prototyping and to full scale production. Andrey has many years RF design experience and was previously CEO of Moscow MicroWaves.

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Kirill Zakharenko, R&D / Infrastructure

Kirill is responsible for managing Fairwaves’ infrastructure, oversees the development of most non-GSM components in the UmSite firmware, and leads the client integration efforts. He has prior extensive background in distributed systems and search engines.


Ivan Kluchnikov, R&D

Ivan Kluchnikov is a software engineer and holds a master’s degree in Software Development. Ivan is responsible for core network architecture and the Fairwaves GSM stack, and is a contributor to both the OpenBTS and Osmocom projects.


Andy Avtushenko, Tech Support

Andy Avtushenko looks after 1st and 2nd tier technical support, and is also responsible for authoring technical documentation for Fairwaves products.

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