• How to get 3G working on the UmTRX

    Introduction Recently, our engineers made a patch for OpenBTS-UMTS that allows to launch UMTS-3G network on UmTRX hardware. In this article you will find all the details. Scroll down to see video how it works! OpenBTS-UMTS (http://openbts.org/w/index.php?title=OpenBTS-UMTS) is a Linux-based application that uses a software radio to present a UMTS network to any standard 3G

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  • https://fairwaves.co/app/uploads/2015/09/OperatorNeedsv2.jpg

    Has the Time Arrived for White Boxes in Wireless Infrastructure?

    In a post over on the Lime Microsystems blog, Paul Dillien notes how white box and bare metal switches are being used to reduce costs in wired networks, while offering the opportunity to bring independence from vendor lock-in. Before then going on to suggest that, “lessons from these applications point the way for a similar

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  • https://fairwaves.co/app/uploads/2015/07/UmTRXTesting_1024w.jpg

    Multi-BTS with Osmocom and a single UmTRX

    The UmTRX platform that is at the heart of Fairwaves base stations was designed from the outset to have two fully independent transceivers. Since this would mean that we could hit the dual-ARFCN (channel) sweetspot for many target use cases and have a clear advantage over single transceiver solutions, some of which are able to

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    UmSITE passes temperature tests with flying colours

    Fairwaves base stations are designed from the outset with harsh environments in mind, benefiting from industrial-grade components and features selected to ensure that they still work reliably at extreme temperatures, and come rain or shine. This is vital when deployed as part of solutions that offer zero maintenance, with remote configuration and support. In a

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