Embedded version of UmTRX is finally available for everyone


We’re happy to announce start of public sales of UmTRX 2.3.1 – the only widely available Software Defined Radio (SDR) designed specifically for telecom applications.
UmTRX 2.3.1 is a key part of our UmSITE base stations and are deployed on all continents and are suitable for both Siberia-cold and Sahara-hot temperatures (see UmSITE temperature tests).

UmTRX 2.3.1 is a compact dual-channel SDR built for embedded systems suitable for industrial, outdoor, harsh and remote environments. It is designed as a base station transceiver and thus has specific features required for this like power amplifier and external RF front-end control ports.

Find more information in the announcement on umtrx.org web-site and UmTRX 2.3.1 product page. More technical details are available in the UmTRX 2.3.1 datasheet.

Contact us for volume pricing.