Mobile World Congress 2015 Demo

In just a few weeks it will once again be time for Mobile World Congress, and this year Fairwaves are excited to announce that they will be hosting a live demo in partnership with Canonical, Metaswitch, Telestax and Truphone.

The demo will take place at the Canonical booth in Hall 8.1 at App Planet Stand CC8.20. As part of this visitors will be able to use a ¬†handset with a Truphone SIM to place a call via a Fairwaves UmSITE base station, to a UK phone number on the Truphone network. The call will be routed via the Metaswitch Project Clearwater IMS platform and an IVR system running on TeleStax’s RestComm. It promises to be a pretty compelling demonstration of the power and flexibility of open source and open standards in mobile communications.

If you’re attending MWC be sure to drop by the booth, and if you’d like to arrange a meeting please get in touch.