UmSITE-TM3 Open Source Edition announcement

The first low-cost rugged GSM/SDR base station designed for Osmocom and OpenBTS

We are proud to announce that UmSITE-TM3 — a rugged 2x3W GSM base station, designed for rural and remote regions and extreme climate conditions — Open Source Edition is now available to order.

взрывсхема3 copy.jpg

UmSITE-TM3 is based on the same highly flexible architecture as UmDESK, built with industrial-grade components and packaged in a rugged enclosure. Two independent TRX channels, each with 3W TX power (6W total), make it ideal for outdoor installations covering areas of up to 5 km.

Thanks to the modular open source software that comes pre-installed, this base station can be used for all manner of experiments and test installations. Built upon the proven UmTRX SDR transceiver, UmSITE-TM3 OSE is the perfect platform for Osmocom and OpenBTS GSM applications.

We would like to take this opportunity to give our thanks to Rhizomatica for their early feedback, BJT Partners for their role in its development and to everyone else for their support!

UmSITE-TM3 OSE Key features

  • rugged IP65/IP67 design that can operate in ambient temperatures of up to +50C and in direct sunlight;

  • all-in-one solution which integrates dual-channel transceiver, single board computer (SBC), amplifiers, duplexers and all required RF components;

  • 6W total RF output power (3W per channel);

  • pre-installed Osmocom software stack that can be configured to operate in Network-in-The-Box (NITB) and pure BTS/BSC modes;

  • fully compatible with the OpenBTS software stack.

How to order?

  1. first make sure that you have the permission required to operate a GSM base station

  2. place an order and please indicate which GSM band you plan to use

  3. your order will be shipped within several weeks (units presently assembled upon order)


Is there a commercial version?

We are currently developing a commercial version of the UmSITE-TM3, which will be integrated with the Fairwaves core network, for use by companies who would like to use them to operate commercial GSM networks. Stay tuned for more details!

Will it work with UMTS/LTE?

While the UmTRX SDR transceiver hardware is perfectly capable of handling UMTS and LTE waveforms, the SBC used by the UmSITE-TM3 has an Intel Atom processor, which doesn’t have quite enough processing power to handle UMTS or LTE. So, unfortunately the answer is “no”.